Monday, March 9, 2009

Pathophysiology of Squamous Cell Carcinoma

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Squamous cell carcinoma is a potentially invasive tumor derived from surface epithelium. In the early stages, the normal epithelial cells are replaced by atypical squamous cells throughout the epidermis, resulting in a loss of normal maturation. This stage is sometimes referred to as squamous cell carcinoma in situ. After the dysplastic squamous cells encroach beyond the borders of the basement membrane, the lesion is referred to as invasive squamous cell carcinoma.

While no single causative agent for the development of squamous cell carcinoma has been identified, it is clear that ultraviolet radiation is a substantial risk factor and demonstrates a distinct association with this disease. This is supported by the fact that the majority of squamous cell tumors arise on the lower lid margin and medial canthus, the two periocular areas most susceptible to sunlight exposure. Increasing age and northern European descent are two other commonly associated factors in patients with squamous cell carcinoma.


RJ said...

Huhmn, that means 'yong mga blond ang mataas ang risk na magkakaroon ng squamous cell carcinoma. Swerte pa rin talaga ay may mga brown skin tulad ko. U

arifin said...

thanks for sharing nursing science

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